1.Why is it so cheap, is it really $40?

Customer service:From production to sale of each product, there will be many distributors in between. Therefore, the production cost and the selling price are very different. But we are a shopping mall that directly cooperates with the factory. Due to special reasons, the shopping mall closed down, and the hoarded goods need to be dealt with at a special price.

2.I am in Canada, can it be shipped over?

Customer service:Yes, worldwide shipping now

3.It's December 17th and I'm in Australia. Will it arrive before Christmas if I buy it now?

Customer service:In theory, it is possible. Our logistics time is generally 5 to 15 days. The logistics in each region is different. As you know, we ship from California.

4.Can the games in it be downloaded and played directly? Will there be a fee?

Customer service:There are 50 kinds of games already installed in the game screen table, which can be played directly for free. Of course, you can also download all the small games you want to play in the game store, but some large games are not available.